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Sharonville electric motor sales & repair

Machine Doctors has served the Sharonville, Ohio area for about three decades, keeping up with new technology and electric motor design the whole time. If you aren't sure we can fix what you need, give us a call and explain the problem — we'll be happy to evaluate it in person or on the phone and help!

The Future of Technology

When Machine Doctors was founded, the owner knew their world was changing. They saw the sudden growth in servo motor popularity as a key opportunity for their new company's future. Early on, they understood the complex mechanics that allow servo motors to deliver dynamic performance capabilities and superior motion control — and makes them more difficult to repair. Today, servo motors are used in all kinds of devices that are now an essential part of day-to-day activities, and we use them (and break them) far more than back in the 1990s.
Electric motor repair in Middletown


Al Bradshaw launched Machine Doctors in 1987, bringing his past experience and operating in the electro-mechanical service industry. Today, we continue to apply our knowledge and teamwork to your repair challenges.

What we do

Machine Doctors primarily operates in the electric motor repair & sales industry. That means our team handles a huge variety of devices and equipment on a regular basis. For the industrial commercial and residential.  
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