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Electric motor service in Sharonville 

We sell and repair AC/DC, electric motors, gear boxes, aeration pumps, vacuum pumps. But there are so many machines on electric motors, you may find that you need the help of our team more often than you think. Don't hesitate to call us and ask!

Electric motors Services 

Electric motors power equipment through an electrical generator that uses torque (it rotates), within a cylindrical container. There are plenty of moving parts that might not be functioning properly, causing poor or non-performance in your equipment. Fortunately, our expert team is trained to quickly recognize the source of the problem so we can correct it.
Electrician repairs electric motor in Middletown

Electric Motor Repair

Our team checks all components of the electric motor to ensure that a proper diagnosis is made so that the work can be quickly completed to resolve the issue providing quick turnaround. From checking the power supply and connecting wires, to checking the commutator and brushes to running a field coil check, we can do every step of the process to get your motor back to work quickly.

Services We Provide 

  • Electric Motor Repair 
  • AC / DC Motors 
  • Servo Motors 
  • Motor Rewinding 
  • Aeration Pumps 
  • Gear Boxes 

Not in Sharonville? No problem.

You're always welcome to bring to bring your motors to us at 3490 Mustafa Dr. Pick up and delivery services for industrial and commercial clients.

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If you need to reach us, visit our Contact page to fill out a quick form for us, send an email to, or just pick up the phone at (513) 761-4477. We'll let you know if your Motor is one we can fix!
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